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Taste the world's most exclusive wines

The Barrel Taster private cellar offers curated releases of the world’s best wines every 2 months. Our team searches the globe to collect the top-rated bottles from collectors, vineyards, and investment cellars to provide you a tasting experience unlike any other. Whether you’re looking for an investment or the tasting experience of a lifetime, this is your chance to try the finest wine ever produced.

Taste $200-$3,000+ bottles for a fraction of the price

The best way to taste rare wines before buying a bottle

The world of fine wines is full of speculation, disappointment, and high investment costs. There’s no better way to ensure that you’re getting what you paid for then by tasting a sample before committing to an entire bottle or case. Our private cellar tastings are just as fun and exciting as opening the bottle yourself and allows you taste hundreds of the world’s best wines without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Needle extracted in an argon sealed containment system to prevent oxidation & impurities

Our unique process for extracting fine wine from aged bottles has been engineered to ensure that zero oxidation occurs during the rebottling process. We vacuum seal the entire extraction system before filling with inert gas. We then use only argon gas to gently remove, fill, and seal each tasting.  Fresh oxygen never comes into contact with your wine until you open your tasting bottle at home. The result is wine that tastes exactly the same as if you’d open the bottle yourself.

Wine rebottled in this manner will last for years and even decades, but the aging process a bit slower than a full-size bottle. Taste now or enjoy later, it’s completely up to you!

limited quantities available - order now

Bi-monthly releases of limited wines - add your request to the upcoming shipment!

Every other month we select a few dozen wines for our cellar club to taste. Through partnerships with producing wineries, distributors, and investment groups, we often have wines that are completely unavailable to the general public. These range from the $199 bottle price range up to $3,000 and beyond. Sometimes only 1-2 bottles of each selection are available, so reserve your tasting flight today!

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