Barrel Taster

Barrel Taster

try a half glass of any wine

We bring the world's best tasting rooms to you

Whether you’re looking to discover a world-class wine from a family owned vineyard or taste a $3,000+ bottle of Grand Cru, Bottle Taster enables you to order a half-glass tasting of almost any wine – shipped straight to your door.

Why drink just one?

The only way to discover wines you love is to try everything

There are too many great wines in the world to try just one at a time. Barrel Taster enables you to mix-and-match wine flights from the world’s best vineyards to ensure that the bottles you buy are truly exceptional. Discover your next great investment, special dinner bottle, or every day drinking wine before ordering a full bottle (or a case).

Taste a Half Glass of Almost Any Wine

Don't limit yourself to one wine

Since each tasting is just 50-100ml, you can try several different wines at a time – we’ll have hundreds available each month.

Try rare, expensive wines

Try the world’s rarest and most expensive wines without committing to a full bottle – guaranteed to arrive perfectly preserved.

Guided by the winemakers

Join winemakers and sommeliers for guided tastings, vineyard tours, and insider tips you won’t find anywhere else.

Private Cellar Barrel Taster

Unique varietals and styles

Explore rare varietals, innovative blends, and low production wines that will never be seen on store shelves.

Large or small tastings

Order a small tasting (50ml or 1/3 glass) or a large tasting (100ml or 2/3 glass) for a brief swish or a full-on tasting experience.

Know when to open or sell

Test your investment and cellar wines without opening your full bottle – a perfect sample of your most prized wines.

Buy "futures" of barrel tastings

Buy futures of barreled wines and get the finished wines delivered after they’re bottled (3-36 months later).

Discounted club memberships

Many vineyard partners have created special offers and unique club benefits for new Barrel Taster club members.

bottle fresh taste - guaranteed

Argon extracted for a perfect taste no matter the age, bottle, or barrel

Our proprietary Argon Immersion extraction system ensures a perfect rebottling process. We guarantee that the wines we deliver are the same as if you freshly opened the bottle yourself – no oxidation, no spoilage, no heat damage. Additional quality checks for cork taint and other major faults means that you’ll never pay for wine that needs to be thrown out. Store them for years or enjoy them immediately!

Don't see what you like? Make a request!

New wines, cellar offerings, and barrel tastings every day

Every other month our partner wineries and suppliers allocate a small portion of their stock for tastings and barrel samples. While we update our inventory and offerings daily, we’re curently only able to ship 1-2 times a month. Once they’re gone they’re gone, so reserve your flights today.

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