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There’s almost an infinite amount of amazing wines in the world, but discovering truly great vintages and winemakers is often a matter of pure luck. 


Reviews and scores from critics is often unreliable. Pretty labels and packaging mean almost nothing. Most of the wine on store shelves is from the same mass producers. Even historically great vineyards can be hit or miss, depending on the year, weather, blend, or a number of other factors.


The truth is, you simply can’t know if a wine is great before you taste it. This is just as true for wine aging in your cellar as it is for something you buy on store shelves.



These are the questions we thought about when we created Barrel Taster. The world of wine is too exciting not to try everything, so we’re setting out to make this a reality for anyone, anywhere.


Who we are

We’re a small group of engineers, sommeliers, and tech enthusiasts with a mission is to get great wines into the hands of the people who will love them most. We’re passionate about tasting wine and helping the best producers get their wines out to people who can truly appreciate their effort and craft.

Our Locations


Sonoma County, CA

Located in the picturesque Dry Creek Valley and surrounded by iconic vineyards, our distribution vineyard  not only produces our own product, but enables us to source the best of  Sonoma and Napa Valley wines.


Wilmington, NC

While not known for it’s wine, Wilmington is a small coastal city where we launched Barrel Taster. We maintain a small office here but would rather be out exploring wine country in California and around the world.

Europe - coming soon

Geneva, Switzerland

Strategically positioned in the heart of Europe, our Geneva office bridges the renowned wine regions of France, Italy, and Germany. European wines coming soon!

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