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Discover the best wines before they're bottled

Barrel Taster is the only provider of shipped barrel tastings in the world, which means that we’re the only place that you can discover the world’s best wines before the critics, celebrities, or general public knows about them. Each sample is taken directly from the barrel at participating wineries and purged of oxygen, which means that the raw, unfiltered wine you taste is virtually the same as if you took it from the barrel yourself.

Why barrel tastings?

The best vintages are sold before they're finished

It’s a well-kept secret among wine enthusiasts that the most sought-after wines are spoken for before they’re even bottled. Barrel Tasting is centuries old tradition that allows you to taste spectacular wines and reserve full bottles of the finished product before they’re available for sale anywhere else.

Usually reserved for special events or restricted to a select few wine connoisseurs or large purchasers, barrel tasting is now available to nearly anyone. Try some finished wines, find amazing new wineries, and order some barrel samples to get first pick of tomorrow’s best wines.

Barrel Taster wines in a cellar

Pulled directly from cellar barrels

Raw & real - colors, flavors and aromas like you've never experienced

The youthful character of barrel samples brings forth vibrant flavors and aromas. From bold fruit notes to the subtle hints of the oak barrel, every nuance is wonderfully pronounced. While barrel samples are great to drink when they arrive, there’s also excitement in knowing they’ll continue to evolve. It’s like getting an early demo of a song before it becomes a hit.

While you can store them for about a month, we recommend drinking each barrel tasting immediately to get an inside peek at what the finished wine could become. They will not age well for years, so enjoy them while they’re fresh!

Barrel Taster wine splash

Pre-order to ensure your cellar is stocked

Secure Your Wine Futures

Barrel tasting is one of only ways to discover world-class wines and vintages before they’re rated, ranked and released to the world. Even better, almost all of our vineyard partners offer the ability to reserve “futures” or upcoming releases of the wines you just tasted – usually at an amazing discount. Once the wines are finished, they’ll be shipped straight from the vineyard to your door. Club memberships are also offered if you’d like to continue receiving their finished wines for years to come.

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