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More Direct Sales,
More Club Members,
More Foot Traffic.

Our vineyard partner program was designed to put your wine in the hands of people who will appreciate it most. The more they taste, the more they’ll buy, talk, and share – we guarantee it.

Too many wines, too little time

Most people will never even know your wines exist...

The vast majority of customers with both the means and ability to appreciate your wines will never buy them. Distribution constraints hinder small and midsize producers, while larger ones, although they may have a broad market exposure, face value and perception challenges of their own.


Simply put, most great wines are never tasted by the people who would love them most. There’s too many choices, too little time, and no way to reliably discover new wines without a large commitment of time, money, or research.

Expand your audience with shipped tastings

Lower the barriers of time, cost, & location to drastically increase the demand for your wines

Tastings are a fun, exciting way to get your wines into the hands of people who may otherwise never try them.

  • 11x lower entry cost = less perceived risk of overpaying with zero risk of faults or cork taint (we check).
  • Minimal commitments, unlimited flexibility = an increased willingness to experiment with new winemakers and varietals.

For these reasons, tastings are perhaps the best way to increase DTC bottle/case sales, club memberships, in-person visits, and brand loyalty. Even better, Barrel Taster does this for customers across the world while preserving your full retail margin on every tasting, bottle, and case you sell.

The more they taste, the more they'll buy

Sell your tastings at any price, keep 92% of every sale

Sell your  tastings for whatever price you’d like. Each tasting, bottle, and case sale through our website has just an 8% fee (3% of which is credit card payment processing). Keep 100% of new club signups and in-person referral visits. We feel this strikes a great balance between letting you keep most of your earnings while providing an incentive for us to continually promote your wines.

Easy Pickup & perfect Taste

From a few cases to 18 barrels, we'll pickup, transport, and bottle

Our transportation system ensures that your wine can be moved quickly and safely to our bottling facilities. Your wine is gently pumped with argon into stainless steel tanks installed with our dampening system for virtually zero oxidation and minimal agitation during the trip. On arrival, it’s extracted with the very same care, left to rest under an argon blanket, and then bottled. If you’re rebottling finished wines, we’ll use our custom Argon Extraction platform to perfectly transfer each tasting with zero oxidation or contamination. We’ll also check for faults like cork taint to ensure quality.

Santa Rosa

Servicing Sonoma, Napa, the North Coast, Sierra Foothills, & Central Valley.

Paso Robles

Servicing the Central Coast, Central Valley, and Southern California.


Coming soon!

Geneva (CH)

Coming soon!

Know everything about your wine, land, and customers

A sommelier in their pocket, a master winemaker in yours.

Our data company BarrelLogic has spent the last two years fusing traditional sommelier expertise with the power of cutting-edge data modeling to create the most comprehensive wine recommendation system in the world.


Using hundreds of visual, sensory, weather, soil, and chemical data points collected from thousands of wines and reviews, we’re able to accurately predict what kind of wine anyone will love with as little as 7  tastings. It’s completely unique to each person and ensures that the wines we recommend won’t just be liked, they’ll be loved.


This means more sales, more rave reviews, more visits, more club members and better experiences. Available publicly soon! Our vineyard partners will also have first access to our winemaker tools that utilize the same system.

A simple guarantee

We’ll sell everything you give us – at up to full retail price – in less than 4 months or the next year is free. 

Our promise is simple – either we sell everything that you give us within 4 months or your next year is free. Whether you’re selling just a case of your finest cellar wines for $1,000 a bottle or your current release for $20, we’ll get your wines into the hands of people who are most likely to buy more. Sell them at full retail price or choose a discounted price to reach more buyers. Limits available if requested (i.e. limit each customer or shipping address to purchasing only one tasting of each wine you offer). 

small wine tastings yellow

How it works

Depending on your bottling and release schedule, we can make as many pre-scheduled pickups as you’d like throughout the year. This means that you can be featured in multiple announcements while ensuring that your wines are bottled whenever your winemaker thinks is best.

App & Journal Setup

The process starts by selecting a pick-up date and choosing the wines that you’d like to be featured. Once that’s scheduled we’ll work with you to start building out your winemaker profile in our app (launching soon!).

Pickup & Bottling

On our scheduled pickup day, we’ll arrive with our transport trailer to carefully extract your wine directly from the barrel or fermentation tank. If your wines are already bottled, we can take them with us and rebottle at our facility. 

Launch Day- The "Drop"

New wines and vineyards will be released each week and featured on our website, partner influencer channels, social media, and ad campaigns around the country. 


Limited inventory and high demand of these tastings gives us the confidence to offer our “sell out guarantee” for all wines fulfilled by Barrel Taster – we’ll sell everything you give us in less than 4 months or the next year is free. 

Fulfillment and Shipping

After bottling each tasting, we’ll store them in our warehouse and ship them out when orders are placed. If you’d rather store and ship them yourself, we’ll send orders directly to your fulfillment manager for processing (flights only – no single tasting mixed vineyard sales).

Advanced Data & Tasting Access

Access advanced reports, tasting feedback, sales data, and other tools to improve operations, winemaking, and provide a better experience to your customers.

Additional Pickups

Each wine is on it’s own timeline, which is why we allow unlimited scheduling up to a year in advance. Whether you’d like us to stop by to bottle an updated barrel tasting or a newly finished product, we’ll work around your schedule so that your wine tastings are exactly how you’d like them.

make great wine, we'll do the rest

90% Us, 10% You

Spend a couple hours with us on your scheduled wine pickup day and we’ll do the rest. We’ll come to you, bottle them, add them to our tasting engine, and make sure people know about it. Our full-service fulfillment and delivery service means that you can remain focused on what you do best…making amazing wines.

Barrel Taster
Close up of Wine tasting flight

Tested with wine lovers locally, rolling out nationally

Barrel Taster started as a small local experiment to increase the amount of wines a small group of enthusiasts could enjoy on any given night. The success of our local pilot has now expanded into a nationwide program to provide even more varieties and tasting experiences for our customers. We’re working hard to build systems and networks to legally expand DTC shipping anywhere in the world.



$1,299/Setup Fee
  • One-time setup fee
  • $3 rebottling fee per tasting
  • Cellar wines only - must be fully bottled
  • Perfect for offering only your most limited, expensive wines
  • Full online and app profile
  • All wines must be dropped off or shipped to the nearest rebottling facility
  • Only bottled when fully claimed (i.e. 7-10 tastings or a full bottle amount)
  • Unsold wines can be returned in original condition at any time.
  • 4 month guarantee NOT included


  • Single bottling visit & drop-off
  • 50¢/Tasting
  • 18 barrel maximum per visit
  • You store and ship your own wines
  • Vineyard flights only - no single tasting sales through our website and app
  • No long-term commitments
  • 4 month guarantee NOT included

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